Reset Reading Progress of a Thread?

I am wondering if there is a way to reset the reading progress within a thread? So I can “start over” as it were, instead of being automatically brought back to the last read post the next time I revisit the thread.

Sometimes I find myself wanting to reset the last-read post in a thread and my site search didn’t provide any insights.

Thank you. :pray:


There are several ways, but they might not be exactly what you had in mind:

while in the topic list:

  • press the number of posts indicator at the right of the topic, and then jump directly to the first post or to the last post
  • press the time indicator at the right of the topic to jump to the last unread post

while inside the topic:

  • press topic title (you’ll jump to the first post in the topic)
  • select the post navigation tool in the lower right corner (showing current post / number of all posts), then drag and select any post in the topic (with preview)

You can use defer topic from the topic control tool while inside it (the topic will be marked as unread in the topic list and it will jump to previous last unread on next open. I don’t think you can defer back to an arbitrary point in time though).


If you’re on a PC you can just hit the Home key. I’m guessing you’re on one of those newfangled touchy-swipy things though.


You might want to ask on the support forum for the software that powers this site:

You can grab a link to a specific reply by clicking on the three dot menu for that reply and then click on the link icon. Then you could bookmark that in your browser and start there when you wanted to get back to reading.

This is different from the bookmark feature built in to Discourse. Actually that’s more of a reminder feature. I don’t really understand it.

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Thank you for the thoughts and suggestions!

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Oh, I misread this. I think this is exactly what the op was asking for, but it does appear that you have to start fresh. So if you want to restart at the reply you are at currently, then copy a a link for that reply, hit defer and then go to the link you copied.

Thanks @Musiko!

“Defer” is such a strange name for this feature. It doesn’t have anything with deferring. It has to do with starting over. I wonder why they didn’t go with the obvious “Mark as unread” which is standard in email.

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Thank you @Musiko and @Snowbird.

Where can I find the “Defer” option? I’ve scanned around and clicked here and there, but I can’t seem to find it :face_in_clouds:

Use Topic Controls dropdown under the last post when on mobile, or the Defer button under the last post when on desktop (both are located to the left of the topic Reply button).

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You may have to activate that option in your user preferences:

“Enable defer to mark topics unread”


That did it, that option will come in quite handy for my work flow; thank you!