Resource downloads - what is 'recycle'?

Some links for downloading resources have a ‘recycle’ button e.g.

What does recycle mean in this context please? I could simply click it like a normal person and see what happens, but I’m feeling ask-ey.


Clicking does nothing.

Saved you a click.



This is just a visual aid to inform those who previously downloaded this audio file that the file metadata has changed, but the content itself remains the same.

When I prepare mp3s for upload there is sometimes an ongoing series of talks and I post them as they become available. In such cases I usually mark each mp3 file in an (incomplete) series with :hourglass:.

The reason for this is that I add metadata (mp3 tags) for easy filtering, sorting and grouping inside audio apps (such as author, album, title, track no., no. of tracks etc.) to all my mp3 files, but the metadata is merged into the file itself and changes it everytime the mp3 tag is updated.

When the series is finished and final metadata is updated on all the files in a series (for example total no. of tracks) it requires complete reupload of all mp3 files, but the contents of those files are essentially the same, thus I mark them with :recycle:.

There is also :unicorn: on some mp3s, and this indicates that the file was obtained via a source, which was difficult to find or has become unavailable since (there are some talks that were livestreamed for example, but were unavailable as an official recording due to technical glitches).

Hope this answers your question (I have been meaning to put this info, together with the instructions on how to prepare and post audio-optimized mp3s on the forum for the longest time, but I don’t seem to free up my schedule to actually do it :blush:).