Resources for Practioners with a diagnosed mental illness

Guest is psychiatrist and meditation teacher. Video is timestamped very well.

01:21 - Adverse effects of meditation
05:13 - Meditation and psychosis
08:42 - Matthieu Ricard’s advice
10:37 - Meditation success with schizophrenia
16:25 - Willoughby Britton’s work on adverse effects
18:39 - Caroline reflects on her own meditation practice
20:52 - Dangers of visualisation meditation
23:04 - Traumatic meditation retreats
27:42 - Modulating intensity and pre-practice warnings
30:57 - Spiritual bypass and tantric Buddhist practice
32:00 - Sleep deprivation as a sign of enlightenment
33:32 - When to push through hell
38:20 - Caroline’s monk patient who developed schizophrenia
41:17 - Sleep deprivation as a training tool
48:30 - Recommendations for those who wish to engage in intense practice
51:53 - The Dalai Lama’s sleep schedule
52:45 - Delusions of special powers
53:58 - Insomnia
55:36 - Cannabis and meditation
57:07 - Profile of a high risk person
57:43 - Enlightenment vs depersonalisation / derealisation
01:02:39 - Dream yoga and derealisation
01:07:50 - Caroline’s clinical experience teaching meditation to her patients
01:20:19 - Mechanism of benefit in meditation
01:24:50 - Impulse control and inner peace
01:29:03 - The stigma of mental illness

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Speaker claims to have bipolar (unsure if actually diagnosed), 5 part video series describing personal story.

!note: Detailed description about pyschosis episode and forced sedation.
!note: Expresses scepticism over validity of medication and common medical treatment. (likely due to poor personal experience)

  • Pt1 intro and beginning telling personal story of first episode.
  • Pt2 continues personal story, describes positive symptoms, delusions and psychosis.
  • Pt3 continues personal story, describes arrest and forced sedation.
  • Pt4 continues personal story, describes leaving psychiatric ward and reflection on treatment there.
  • Pt5 Problematic suggests people get off medication without knowing anyone in the audience.

@awarewolf - im all for hearing different sides of the recovery story but please be careful about what you suggest. I personally during my first episode was semi-psychotic for months there was no chance of “riding it out”.

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I obviously cant review a whole channel. Does he at least not suggest that everyone (no matter their circumstances) come off medication? What might be helpful to the thread is if you edit and write a little blurb of the key take aways you had from his channel.

I simply suggest :wilted_flower:

What you do with it, is not my business.

But, now I’ m done here. Hope this thread goes well, even without me :kissing_heart:

Edit: forgot to leave a farewell gift (just making sure that this also be flagged :blush:, personal record, you know :birthday::milk_glass:)

I don’t mind your contribution to the thread i just wish you had a more thoughtful approach. Its fine to share a difference of opinion but to just share things without explanation that are potentially harmful to people is a little reckless. If your intention is to help people then i invite you to continue sharing but be mindful that everyone’s circumstances are different and the people that come here for information are often more vulnerable than most. If you choose to continue to share i encourage you to write a little summary of what you got from what you are sharing so that others may make informed choices about what they pay attention to - lets not bury the lede.

Much metta

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