Retreat opportunities 2023?

i’m looking for a retreat opportunity early 2023. i have a passport so i can go anywhere. i don’t think i want to do a residency because this would be much busier.
i did a couple of self-directed retreats this year at lion of wisdom and also a retreat at insight meditation society in barre
with all of the improvement i’ve seen this year i think a retreat would be optimal

i’d have to have free or low cost accommodations – can be off three to four weeks


Bhante Yuttadhammo has a meditation centre in Kitchener, ON, Canada where you can do a retreat with him using the technique/method that he teaches. There are no charges for accomodation or the instruction. You can get in touch with the Sirimangalo organization through their Discord server or their website Courses – Sirimangalo.Org if you are interested.