Review and Discussion of movie "Waking Life" (please join me)


Have any of you seen the great movie “Waking Life”? It raises many philosophical questions about life, Spirituality, etc. It’s also presented in an artistic style that was very original and creative for it’s time (it was released 20 years ago).

For those who haven’t seen this movie, here are some clips on Youtube.

Tomorrow morning at 9am Alberta time (UTC-7:00), I’ll be doing a livestream Dhamm Talk shown here, where I want to go over quotations from 12 of my favourite speakers in that movie, then offer reflections from a Theravada Buddhist perspective. That’ll be in about 16.5 hours from the time of this post.

Here are some Philosophical/Spiritual topics I’ll be discussing:

  • Making Kamma, letting go, tolerance, and harmony in life
  • Enthusiasm and Passion towards living life
  • Mindfulness
  • The 5 Hindrances
  • etc.

I invite your questions and comments as well, more info on the page where the video will be live-streamed from.

2 suttas will get portions read over: AN 6.38, and SN 22.93


If anyone is interested, please PM me if you’d like an invite link into my chat server, which is where I interact with my audience during my Dhamma Talks.


I think it’s going to take me three 1-hour Dhamma Talks to get through my review. Here’s part 1:


Thanks for joining, @jimbo_the_skeptic :slightly_smiling_face:

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I finally watched the entire film today. I find it to be very intense and thought provoking. But yes, some/many of the arguments or issues raised in the movie ignore spirituality in their arguments. I’ve really enjoyed your reviews @Subharo . I hope to watch it again and again in the future, probably in small chunks to better ruminate over the concepts presented.

Thanks, @jimbo_the_skeptic . As I mentioned in my chat room today, I’m glad you were there today, because through an error of my own, the talk never got recorded (Part 3)!

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