Rivercare grant successful at Kusala Hermitage


The WA government has awarded us a $22K grant to rehabilitate our stretch of the mighty Canning River.

Mega-metta for the holiday season,

Ajahn J.R.


Hi Ven JR.

Do you remember I visited you one Sunday just before the Rains?

Congratulations on the grant. I’m sure it will be put to good use. It’s important to maintain the belt of country between the city and the hills.

My respects to Ajahn S.


Hmm… only going by your first name? No. :smiley: You’re in Perth then… have I seen you around Dhammaloka or Bodhinyana?

No, from the Sydney area - think Wat Buddha Dhamma (which was where i met Ajahn Santutthi, I managed a few retreats for Ajahn Khemavaro when they were first there) and Santi Monastery - being a grey nomad atm (writing this near Broken Hill). I was visiting Dhammasara and popped in for Dana one Saturday or Sunday. It rained. You bounded up happily and said, “Hello I’m JR”. I stayed for the meditation instruction in the afternoon - notably it was the first time it was taught actually in the hermitage.

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Oh I see! I was at Wat Buddha Dhamma for quite some time in 2014 and 2015. Were you around then?


I lived there in 2001 and was around a lot in 2002, 2008-9. So not with you. I spent a few days there around Vesak in 2021. There was a very good crowd attending.

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I see. Next time you visit, let me know that you’re the Sutta Central Gillian.

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