Root/Pāḷi text un-collapsed by default?

When wanting to change a text to the original Pāḷi, the section in the “Text settings” where you can do so is collapsed by default (see image below). This adds an extra step every time you want to view the Pāḷi/root text.

Would it be possible to make the root text un-collapsed by default?


You’re right; in fact it doesn’t make sense to hide it at all when there is only one root text, which is the case currently. If there were multiple root texts it would be different. I’ll make an issue of it and we’ll look into changing the default behaviour.


Okay. Thank you, Ven. Sujato.

(If in the near future there might be a second root text, it would make sense to keep an uncollapsed drop-down—even on mobile, it would simply take up an extra line. It would definitely improve the workflow of those who consult the root text, or when studying Pāḷi.)

Sure. To be fair, though, technically the Pali is there already via the English/Pali text.