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I’m very grateful for the uploading of Bhante @Sujato’s Friday talks to and the RSS feed that allows us to subscribe as a podcast. I’m not sure who is doing the actual work but thank you!

I’ve noticed a minor issue with the RSS feed, with a couple of different podcast clients (I’m using Pocket Casts on Android). Currently the latest talk shows this on the website:

2023-10-13 Bhante Sujato. Meditation on feeling and form, two of the five aggregates. Dhamma talk on the MN35 Cūḷasaccaka Sutta (The Shorter Discourse With Saccaka). Saccaka as an early “troll” figure. Discussion of the dramatic way the debate takes place and how the Buddha refutes Saccaka’s argument that Self is the five aggregates.

However, on my phone it cuts off:

Bhante Sujato. Meditation on feeling and form, two of the five aggregates. Dhamma talk on the

Not a complete show stopper, but there may be an easy fix that would allow the RSS feed to give the complete description.

Alternatively, I’d be happy to install an Android client that works better if the client is the problem…


Hey @mikenz66,

I just inspected the RSS. The feed only contains the truncated text.


The podcast is the wonderful work of @michaelh


Thanks for alerting me to this, did not notice. RSS descriptions now be fixed for all talks, and last Friday’s talk is also up.

If anyone I know wants to help with please let me know. Just html editing, git, perhaps some audio editing skills - just in case I am unable or suddenly incapacitated/some such.


Thanks @michaelh. That’s great!

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Hi @michaelh

I see a couple of talks have appeared recently on the website, with dates 2023-01-26 and 2023-01-19. I presume the “2023” is a mistake, as those dates are not Fridays in Jan 2023, whereas they are Fridays in 2024.

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Thanks for letting me know @mikenz66 glad you noticed! The years have been fixed up just now and two talks added.


Thanks for the great work @michaelh

I don’t see them in my podcast app yet. Maybe that takes time to propagate?
EDIT: OK, they are there now…

I try to be at most of the talks online, so if you need someone to capture recordings when you can’t make it, I’d usually be able to do that.