SA 294 / SA 434 / SA 51 title typo

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It seems typo on the title

SA 294

The title
愚痴()慧 .
The correct is 黠 .

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Thanks, you’re right. The title is not in the CBETA edition, it would have been added by Rod based on a colophon or catalogue, but seems to be a typo.

@vimala, can you correct this? Thanks.

愚痴點慧 ➔ 愚痴黠慧

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Done for SC Next. Should show up tomorrow.
Thank you for letting us know!

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It seems the title not corrected still the same .

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This is what I see. Is this not correct?

Hi Vimala ,

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Please take note the title

SA 434 點慧 (黠慧)

SA 51 (壤rang法fa) (壞huai法fa)

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I see. You see the change in the text, but not in the suttaplex card. Well spotted. I think this is because the change has not been indexed yet by our database system. It should show up in due time.

Thank you. This is very helpful!
This has obviously not been indexed correctly. I will look into it.

I studied this a bit more.
SA 434: your first screenshot is from the search results. This is indeed not correct we are still working on it. Your second screenshot is from the list of suttas: this seems to be working well.
SA 51: your screenshots are from the list of suttas and from the sutta itself and these seem to be working well.
Or is the text incorrect on these (I’m sorry, I cannot read Chinese)?

But what I cannot find is where you found the following:
SA 434 點慧 (黠慧)
SA 51 (壤rang法fa) (壞huai法fa)
Can you give me the URL to the page?

SA 434 the title 點on the suttaplex card incorrect and by clicking on the Taisho direct you to the sutta SA 434 emerge , there the title 點 also incorrect .
Correct one is 黠 。

The same goes for SA 51 title 壤 is incorrect at the suttaplex card
, and clicking on the parralel you can see SA 51 壤 emerge on left which is incorrect , clicking on it direct you to the sutta where the title 壤 is incorrect .

SA 51 the title is incorrect

is the correct one .

You will have to Enlarge it to see the difference on both character .

Suttaplex card :

Sutta SA 434 page

Suttaplex card

Sutta SA 51 page

This is 壤 (rang) meaning loose

壞 (huai) meaning bad , breakable etc

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Please refer to the Traditional character to compare .

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Thank you so much! Such a detailed explanation is very helpful for me!
I will make the changes in the files but it might take a little while to show up on the suttaplex card because of the indexing of the database.

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I was wondering if you could also have a look at SA294. The same sequence of characters appears there as in SA434. Thanks.

Both suttaplex card 294/ 434
still not corrected .
點 incorrect
黠 correct