Sabbalokasaṅgīti – Chanting all around the world (EVENT LINE UP) IS NOW ON

Invitation to join a global chanting stream across all time zones. (Link to share)

Participating Monasteries

Each monstery will chant for one hour, streamed live via youtube.

Australia Harris Park, Sydney Lokanta Vihara

Australia Katoomba, Sydney Australia Buddhist Vihara
Australia Crafers, Adelaide Adelaide Buddhist Vihara
Australia Perth TBC (await reply)
Australia Melbourne Nisala Arana
Australia Brisbane Sri Lankaramaya Maha Vihara
Australia Canberra TBC ( Yet to contact)
Australia Schofields, Sydney TBC (await reply)
Belgium Brussels Tilorien
Canada Toronto West End Buddhist Temple
Germany City TBC Tilorien
Sri Lanka Colombo Shanthi Foundation - Seruwila Buddhist Centre
Sri Lanka Biyagama Monstery name TBC
Sri Lanka Kotte Walpola Rahula Institute
Sri Lanka Athurugiriya Abhayaweea Dhammayathanya
Sri Lanka Jaffna TBC
India Bodh Gaya Maha Bodhi Temple
UK Birmingham Birmingham Maha Vihara
UK Cambridge Cambridge Buddhist Vihara
UK Glasgow Scotland Buddhist Vihara
Italy Modena Maithri Vihara
France Paris International Buddhist Centre
USA LA Thapovanaya International Buddhist Centre
USA SAF Dhammadharini Vihara (TBC)
USA NY Buddhist insights
USA NY Staten Island Buddhist Centre
USA NY Dhammapala Institute
USA NC Charlotte Buddhist Vihara
Myanma Myanma International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University
New Zealand Wellington Dhammagawesi Buddhist Centre
New Zealand Auckland Waikato Compassion Meditation Centre Hamilton
Netherlands Netherlands Tilorien
Uganda Uganda Uganda Buddhist Centre (TBC) email sent
Switzerland Geneva Geneva International Buddhist Centre
Japan Tokyo or Osaka TBC Sakyamuni International Buddhist Centre
Malaysia KL Nalanda TBC

[Stay home and save your seat (countdown here)]


This is seriously amazing, Deepika, you have done a fantastic thing. Looking forward to chanting, sending the Dhamma over the world!


Nice :slight_smile:

Internet is very touch and go here, and data limited. So not sure if I/we can join in. Will try!

Either way, me and another monk plus a resident are doing daily chanting and meditation in Albany, Western Australia, ( dedicated to all of you and everybody else!

Much metta to all :slight_smile:


sabbalokasaṅgīti - chanting all around the world


Please click this link

Scroll down for the time zone map

Please share with your network

Don’t forget to set the timer

Public link to share


The chanting is handed off from monastery to monastery, like runners handing off a baton, going around the world.



It might be a nice gift, to identify in the chat the chants from time to time, and perhaps provide a link. Participating chanters can’t do it all.

Just a thought.


Super Cool! Well done to organise this.


Good points, thanks! The organizer advised chanters on what to chant:

“Ratana Sutta and Metta Sutta (as many times as you like) and if needed any other sutta such as Dhajagga, Girimananda, Bojjanga or another sutta at your discretion.”

Ratana: Discourse on the Treasures (aka Jewels Discourse) For overcoming disasters.

Mangala: Discourse on Blessings Recitation of what is true good fortune.

Dhajagga: The Banner’s Crest Recollection of Buddha Dhamma & Sangha for courage in times of fear.

Girimananda: With Girimananda. The 10 perceptions for overcoming illness.

Bojjhanga: 7 Factors of Enlightenment, referring to any of 3 nearly identical discourses recited to cure illness, better known as Gilana Suttas or Sick. (This links to 1st one or Pathāmagilanasutta, and the next two follow right after.) Recitation of the 7 Factors of Enlightenment for immediate healing.

Also, I’ll be surprised if no one does the Metta Sutta: Discourse on Friendliness Meditation


travelling the world of lockdown… oh how wonderful xox


I felt thoroughly inspired and very grateful to be able to take part, especially as backend host for 8 hours while we travelled through Europe. Thank you for this great opportunity @Deepika and Damith!


sabbalokasaṅgīti streamed live for more than 24 hours, :blush: Youtube did not allow us to save the event, However, we managed to save it externally and working on a short video of the highlights of the event. Thank you all for the encouragement and having faith in coming onboard to go around the world in a virtual chariot.

As always much Metta to all


Could we have another round? Maybe every weekend until this virulent storm is gone? :anjal:


I feel like that is a lot to ask of monastics to organize something like that every weekend! I appreciate the work they have put into adapting dhamma teaching to online platforms. You can find some here on this thread: Corona Dhamma - links to Dhamma resources. I know there are other monasteries and mindfulness groups practicing online now too if you check out your local groups. I think there are better options than listening to chanting all day once a week that is less logistically challenging for our monastic friends.


that will be good, will think about it. thanks.

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Is it possible to make this past stream available to watch?

Hi lights will be available online soon…


Working to publish a short clip avail soon


We will premier 12 hours of chanting from sabbalokasangiti this evening today, on Vesak Day.
We wish you good health, inner peace and contentment on this special day.