Saying goodbye

Hello amazing forum,

…you are…amazing. This is a unique, imperfect :wink: and wonderful place.

I was just going to leave and not say anything but felt that after all this time it would be rude… And it kind of came down to that actually - I didn’t want someone to PM, reply to, or tag me and then to feel that they were being ignored… I understand sometimes ignoring stuff is perfectly acceptable, but at other times it’s not awfully kind… So I thought I’d better just say my “almost good bye” now. It’s “almost” because I may check in for a little while yet… But I’ve got some commitments coming up that will indefinitely, and maybe definitely, stop me from being around here much… Sorry, but for all my verbosity, I am dreadfully private and won’t say more.

But I do want to also express my appreciation and gratitude for this place. It’s not just on internet land that it is unique and wonderful… In any land it can be seen as such. :slight_smile:

The moderators past and present: @Brenna, @Cara, @Aminah, @Nadine, @Viveka and also, if she’s still around at all, @Claralynn - I haven’t forgotten her and I hope she’s well where ever she is now; you already know how much I value you and your generosity of time, energy, kindness, carefulness and consideration and skilful honesty. So I won’t go on too much. :slight_smile:

And Bhante @Sujato and Ayya @Vimala and @Blake… None of us will ever know exactly what they have done - and are still doing - for us and many, many others. And I don’t want to leave out Ajahn @Brahmali for his wonderful support and contributions as a teacher, sharing his experience and knowledge; as Bhante S and Ven Vimala and many of you have also done. :pray:t5: :pray:t5: :pray:t5: I feel the most immense gratitude to you all.

May you all, everyone that has ever read or logged in, always be able to tap into the merit - the goodness and happiness - that you have created here and elsewhere.

Much love :heartpulse:


Dear Kay, Thank you for your lovely words - you always seem to have just the right kind and thoughtful things to say :smiley::anjal:

Wishing you all the best in whatever endeavours you are undertaking! May they bring you happiness and contentment.

It’s nice of you to let the forum know you won’t be around much in the anticipated future - but don’t close the door on us, and feel free to pop in whenever :grinning::sparkling_heart::raising_hand_woman:



Hi Kay
It is great to meet another Dhamma-follower.
If you are in the path we may bump into each other or we may never see again.


Thank you both @Viveka and @SarathW1 :heartpulse:

You’ve both shown such a strong commitment to the Dhamma; I’m grateful to have met you both here.

:pray:t5: thank you :pray:t5:


Dearest Kay,

I’m going to keep it short and sweet as I trust you know the love swells and the gratitude for having crossed paths is great; you’re a true friend on the way.

Much mettā.


Dear Aminah :heartpulse:

Yes, I know. :pray:t5: And I know you know it is exactly the same for me.

As are you, I’m proud and grateful to call you ‘friend’.

:cherry_blossom: :two_hearts: :cherry_blossom: :two_hearts: :cherry_blossom:


Oh my, your inspiration and compassion will be missed. But I trust that you will carry your bright light wherever you may go and be, and that there are those who need your wisdom where 'ere you travel. Thank you for all of your kindness and wisdom shared. may you be free from the pain of life’s slings and arrows.

Go in Peace…with Metta over and over and over! AUM!:pensive::gem::v:


Dear Rosie

Thank you for those incredibly kind, loving, beautiful words. They’ve truly touched me…

And yours Rosie, thank you for sharing so honestly and from the heart.

And you :pray:t5:

Thank you Rosie for this blessing, may you be surrounded by it too. :lotus: :meditation: :bodhileaf: :thaibuddha:

Much love :hibiscus:


@Pasanna, I don’t if you’ll get this owing to the terrible reception where you are!

But for some reason D & D wouldn’t let me edit my post to include you!!! I tried several times and it shows up as being edited but it’s not there and there’s an error message coming up!!!

Anyway… :slight_smile:

I can’t leave you out!!! You slipped away so beautifully quietly and without fanfare… But you are yet another wonderful person I found here. Thank you! Much metta to you my friend :rosette: :grinning: :sparkling_heart: :grin: :tulip:


Dear Kay: You have always been a voice of kindness, reason, and insight on D&D, and I have always enjoyed and valued every post you have made.

Life’s processes always have a way of occupying our time and attention. I know this feeling, too. So, for all of us I hope that SC is kind of like a beloved Wat that we know exisits, thrives, and is always there for us. We may be away, or occupied, or just too busy to come to the wat and spend time there, but the monastics are there as are the lay disciples. Just knowing that can be of comfort.

This online wat and refuge has been made wiser and stronger by your involvement. So, may the road always rise to meet you, the sun shine warmly on your face, and the wind be at your back, until we meet again :slight_smile:



Dear Michael,

Thank you for these kind words.

I could very easily use this lovely sentence to talk about your presence here too :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, I’ve always loved this Irish blessing! There is so much warmth, and love and metta in it.

Many blessings surround you too Michael. Anumodana for all the goodness you’ve grown and shared with us all.

With Anjali and Metta, :pray:t5: