SC equivalent of PTS abbreviation

I am in the early stages of researching early Theravadian ideas of the in-between. The older articles I’m reading reference the PTS. Is there somewhere - a shortcut- that converts the PTS references to SC? e.g. I’ve managed to find that SN IV.399-400 refers to SN44.9 and SN V 69-70 refers to SN46.3. But I can’t work out where in the Digha Nikaya I can find DN.III.2 37 or in Anguttara Nikaya AN.IV.7-4 or where in the Mahjjhima is MN.I.265-6
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You can use this PTS converter, or I believe that the SuttaCentral search itself supports now search for PTS references; but for that better ask Venerable @Snowbird .

Thank you so much! It works really well.


Yes, entering a search for volpage:SN IV.399 should get you what you are looking for. You can read the instructions by clicking on the filter icon on a results page:

Or on the tips icon in the instant search:

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Thank you for your input. Much appreciated.