SC header search field autocomplete

It’s been a long time since it stopped working (for me), can it be restored?

It was creating instability in the search server, so we turned it off. The search software is now several updates later, so maybe it wouldn’t be a problem. @blake, could we try turning this on again for the new site? There are a few web components for this; and itself has autocomplete.

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I’ve been planning to have autocomplete done by the service worker, it would be a part of the basic offline search functionality. The original prototype autocomplete actually was client side, but the data was about 1mb and it scaled poorly with other languages.

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please excuse my denseness, does Blake’s response mean YES or NO? :slight_smile:

It means not only do we have a plan to do it, but we understand the problem with the previous implementation and have a proposed solution. And, we will even be able to expand the service to make it work offline.

That’s right, you heard correctly, the site, including search, will work offline. What sorcery is this! :tada:

One thing to remember is that websites do not normally cater for upwards of thirty languages, as we do. That means that things like search become an order of magnitude more complex, which stresses the underlying architecture. It’s not an insoluble problem, but it does require extra awesome.

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my initial post wasn’t clear enough, at the back of my mind i was thinking of autocomplete for Pali, which is useful for searching the dictionary, can it be restored at least for Pali or does it have to wait until the new iteration of the website is up?

It will wait for the new site.