SC homepage menu, search and options not working?

I can’t seem to access the Main menu, search and options tabs on the SC homepage.

When I access a sutta indirectly( I.e previously bookmarked ones) then click on the menu etc, those links work. Then when I navigate back to the homepage, it works as well.

But if I go directly to the home page from a fresh window, they don’t.

I have tried using Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Is it some setting issue on my browser?

Everything seems to be working fine for me, is anyone else having a problem?

For me it’s also working fine, both Android and PC.

I tried on my iPad, 2 different windows laptops too… :thinking:

Gifs of the sequence, thanks to my better half. You have to download/open image to see animation if it doesn’t play automatically)

Going straight to , normal mode ( after clearing cache, I e fresh 1 st time visit )


In incognito mode, the menu etc don’t load, work at all.