SC offline not downloading

Dear dev-devas,
We are having problems with downloading SC offline. We’ve tried on mac and windows in Chrome. It will say 100% but when we turn off our wifi we only have menus. Our internet connection is very slow so it might be possible that it’s timing out while downloading.

Also, can we please have vinaya for offline?



I just tested it once more and it works fine.

I assume that you have done the basics: ensure you have the latest browser versions, a reliable connection, no extensions or settings that would interfere, etc.

If it is still not working, please give us the error report.

As for Vinaya, this will wait until Brahmali’s new translation is properly ready and published some time later this year.

Adding texts is problematic, because PWA depends on the data allowance of the browser and the device, and that is hard to predict, and different browsers have different policies. So making a small PWA for a basic site isn’t too hard, but when you’re adding thousands of texts, you start to run up against device limitations. This has to be tested carefully.