SC text section numbering

is the number of SC sections in a text supposed to be identical between the Pali and translations?

i see that it’s different

and if their numbers and paragraph assignment are not designed to match, what’s the logic behind this? after all their name makes one believe they’re one and the same

Unfortunately there’s no relation beteen numbers in one text and the next, as a rule. The “SC” numbers merely apply numbers to the paragraph of that particular text.

In some cases we do have cross-edition numbers, such as the section numbers for DN and MN, which are found in the Pali, English, and a number of other translations. However this is of limited use, as these sections are not very fine-grained

This problem will be systematically solved when we start introducing the new translations, which will be linked segment by segment with the original text and with each other.

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thank you for the clarification