SC Voice html/coding error

Hi @karl_lew,

I just noticed that in SC Voice numbered lists (<ol>) are not shown properly.
For instance in SN3.21 it shows:

<ol><li>The dark bound for darkness,</li><li>the dark bound for light,</li><li>the light bound for darkness, and</li><li>the light bound for light.</li></ol>

Instead of:

  1. The dark bound for darkness,
  2. the dark bound for light,
  3. the light bound for darkness, and
  4. the light bound for light.

Thanks for pointing out. We have already noticed this in several instances, and it is scheduled to be addressed in one of the next releases. (Not with highest priority, though, since other things are more urgent at the moment.)


The priority is given to accessibility. The blind do not see <ol>nor do they hear it because HTML is correctly stripped out for recitation.