SC Voice – the road to v1


It is only the latter factor that is of any consequence! :slight_smile:


I love working for this project! :heart:


I love you working on this project too! :grin:


Sorry here’s another one for your consideration, if you think it’s worth it, you know what to do otherwise, please discard. :anjal:

AN11.14:5.1: in “Furthermore, a mendicant is very learned, remembering and keeping what they’ve learned.” Raveena prounces the second “learned” as “earned”.


Ah. Indeed. That is wonky AI. Somehow the combination of “they’ve learned” goes astray. Added to v1.0 as a bug.:white_check_mark: Thank you!


Added to the search phrase list: oh my goodness (4), moderation in eating (7), and pools fill up the lakes (6, each of which causes me goosebumps when listening!) :anjal:


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Per Bhante @Sujato’s chart, the “jh” “jhana” should be pronounced “dʒʱɑːnə”. However, that sounded a bit odd to me, so I experimented with “ʝhɑːnə”. Which of the following two sounds right? First or second?


The first is definitely better than the second, although doesn’t sound 100 % correct. How would



The first one works for me as well. The first one is “ʝhɑːnə” and the second one is “dʒʱɑːnə”. My hypothesis is that the “dʒʱ” pronunciation is more for a western speaker than a Hindi speaker. We’ll stick with “ʝhɑːnə” for now, then and not use the IPA from the table unless Bhante objects to the sound. Thank you!


The first one sounds better to me, too.


Thank you, Bhante. The table you provided is fine. I simply lack the understanding to get Aditi to say what is in this particular entry of the table. I should be done with the remaining cells this week. This has been the only oddity so far.


Bhante @Sujato, I’ve found another subtle difference in l vs . Aditi does manage to say them differently but you’ll notice that the difference spills out into the syllables that follow the or l

Here are Nāanda and Nālanda:

Apparently these are used interchangeably as the name of a place. The first spelling is used 32 times. The second spelling is used once in SN47.12.

I have not made any changes to Aditi’s pronunciation of these two, so no action will be taken unless folks have concerns.

On a separate note, the planned work on v0.9.2 is completed as noted in the Release Plan. I’ll be running some other tests today, but we should be able to release v0.9.2 tomorrow.


Don’t know what’s going on here—for some reason my computer doesn’t want to play sounds. So unfortunately I can’t give you feedback. :no_mouth:


After rebooting it works again! :grin:

I’d say the pronunciation amounts pretty much to what is written. Both sound correct to me.


I haven’t yet found any word where the dot changes the meaning, but we have an audible difference should that matter.

I cannot offer a reason other than “mysterious devas” for needing a reboot.


As I have understood from Bhante Sujato, the underdot doesn’t matter much for rightly pronouncing the Pali, and he even suggested to treat it as if not existing, should there be any problems to represent it properly. But to me the difference is clearly audible.


Yes, the underdot ḷ is not hugely critical, and as you have noticed, it frequently varies in the Pali itself, eg. pāḷi vs. pāli, cūla vs. cūḷa, etc. But I think the way it is handled now is fine.

Pāli or Pali?

I had a look at the app and find it very nice and I enjoyed listening to some of the suttas. Well done! I preferred Raveena because it feels much closer to actual spoken language but I guess that depends on what you are using the app for.

You will all no doubt forgive me for not reading through 158 posts here so some of this might already have been reported. I just have some feedback on the css side because I’ve been looking at this on my LG LS675 with Android 5.1.1. and there are a few bugs:

The search bar disappears on the left side of the screen so I cannot actually see the first part of the search term I’m typing.

Then the settings button has disappeared on the right side and I have to scroll to the right to see it.



You mean because you wanted to read the 200 or 300 others from the earlier thread first, right? :grin:

Thanks. :anjal:

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