SC Voice – the road to v1


This is actually the same on my mobile phone (Android 8.0.0). Earlier it has been otherwise, and at some point this has changed (don’t remember when that was). For some reason I completely forgot to report it here… so thanks for bringing it up!

The settings button is visible on my phone (and there’s nothing to scroll from left to right).


Another issue I have with my mobile phone: I can’t just sit (or walk) and listen to a sutta without looking at the screen all the time. When (after 2 minutes, as I have set it) of not pressing any button the schreen goes into energy saving mode and turns dark the audio also stops playing. So I have to constantly watch the screen and stop it from turning dark (or else I’d have to change my energy settings).


You can turn that off in the settings of your phone.
Of course some apps like YouTube do this automatically but others do not.


Thank you for a novel solution! :pray:
I’ve added it to the SuttaCentral Voice Wiki Offline Listening page.

What has your experience been of the combined Pali/English recitation of suttas segment by segment? Do you prefer English only or use the combined Pali/English?

Oops. I’ll fix that for v0.9.2. :white_check_mark: Thank you!


Is it too late to mention that Amy pronounces 1st as ist instead of first here?

AN 7.1: Pleasing (1st)


Oops. I got 2nd and 3rd but not 1st. :white_check_mark: Thank you!


It’s looking/sounding really good, @karl_lew!


I must admit that I prefer just listening to the English. On the combined Pali/English the english is rather slow. For the pali that is good, but for the English I would prefer something a bit quicker. It is probably a very good tool for learning pali!


Absolutely. Raveena is available for Pali/English. The Pali voice is actually another speaker, Aditi. Aditi has full Hindi phonemes, even more than Raveena.


Looking everywhere, I can’t find where to turn that off in my phone. And the problem is not only when listening to a sutta on the website, but the same for a MP3 file. So downloading doesn’t help in this case. (For walking I can copy it on my MP3 player.)


I’ve already noted that somewhere in the Release Plan.

Added: I think Karl has already fixed that! You’re just incredibly quick, Karl!! :sweat_smile:


Have added a few more bugs & mispronunciations to the Release Plan. :anjal:

I’m still wondering about another point: When playing English only, might it be an idea to insert a little pause before each new section number? Sometimes the number just follows the last sentence of the last section so immediately that it is a bit confusing. (Of course, when playing Pali / English which I mostly do this is no issue.)


Not sure if it would help but is an example of website which allows you to play audio with the screen off. Maybe if you find out how they do it that could help you getting SCV to work in a similar way?


On my phone it’s under Display > Screen Timeout
But you can google it for your Android version.

Ah, yes. Thanks for my oversight. That’s much better.


Ah that’s what you mean! I thought you meant an option for an audio to continue playing even if the screen is off, and that I didn’t find; probably it doesn’t exist.


Added to v0.9.2. :white_check_mark: Thank you!


ananuruddhaappaṭiviruddhassāvuso”: Aditi pronounces the double “a” in the middle of the word as only one “a”. I think it should be two separate letters; as far as I understand it, this is a compound word, composed out of “ananuruddha”, “appaṭiviruddhassa”, and “āvuso”.

Is this correct, Bhante @sujato?

(MN 11 section 2 segment 54, for example)


It took me a while to come up with this. Which sounds right? #1 or #2 ?


This is a different word, not ananuruddhaappaṭiviruddhassāvuso. And if I don’t see how it is spelled I can’t hear if it is pronounced properly.

Actually, I’d like to have Bhante’s input on ananuruddhaappaṭiviruddhassāvuso.


Me too. The word in the sound sample is acchariyaabbhutasutta, which is another double a obtained by word concatenation. I wanted a shorter sample to minimize confounding factors.