Science's 'chaos' and dependant origination + Heisenberg's uncertainty principle


@Vattha I think I have heard it in teachings and that it was related to the different paths eg . AN4.163

There have also been a number of discussions that address the question of 'are Jhanas necessary, like this one. Please Note that if you want to discuss more on that topic please do it on the existing thread and not on this thread (tidy housekeeping) :slight_smile:






@Mat sorry to bother you, this sutta only has one parallel and it’s the Chinese? Do we conclude that this is not an EBT?

I have yet to watch sujato and brahmali’s authenticity of EBT project.


The way EBTs themselves say how to determine if something is authentic is to see if it fits into the Dhamma and trainings for monks. I see nothing in this EBT that isn’t found elsewhere. It’s just about the DO!

You should read it, if you haven’t already. For me parallels help distinguish what was written hundreds of years later, after the teachings were brought to China.


Thanks mat :slightly_smiling_face:


I believe I once said to you that there there is no such thing as a sevenfold path. Look what happened soon after.
I have to thank you.
The monk on the left was reading shakspear a 12.

I did not invent this.