Scientists Worried That Human Brains Grown in Lab May Be Sentient

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Some neuroscientists working with lab-grown human “mini brains” worry they could be experiencing an endless horror, with a conscious existence with no body (

Self-Organized Synchronous Calcium Transients in a Cultured Human Neural Network Derived from Cerebral Organoids


If that’s the case, I wonder what kind of previous choices would condition/cause such mode of rebirth/existence!? :confused:


May be this kind of sins,
Skinning rabbits alive…

Cooking fish alive,
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@Amatabhani Maybe you need a warning in your post for these videos. If someone opens one without realising what they are about, it could result in nightmares and suffering. I certainly won’t be looking at them - just too awful :scream::sob:


Yet we know the animals suffering from experimentation are fully sentient. The obsession to prevent any suffering from something stamped with human genetic material even though it lacks senses, while accepting gross suffering of our obviously sentient fellow beings, strikes me as a kind of conceit.




Here is an interesting interview in The New York Times with an ecologist who has some insightful things to say about consciousness in animals:


…just like cattle in a slaughterhouse perhaps? :thinking:


This possibility didn’t occur to them when they conceived this plan? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Maybe it’s the unconscious beings realm?

Walshe describes it in his DN translation as:

Having attained a high absorption, and fearing the perils of conscious existence, they have wished for, and gained, an unconscious state. With the first stirring of perception, however, they fall away from that realm.

I doubt these brains would be awake.
And, if scientists notice that there’s suddenly a ton of activity and then they die, it’ll be a bit eerie…


I have worked with programmers who despised their bodies and wished to be reborn in the machine. They weren’t kidding and I felt sad that the joy of the wind on their brow or the kiss of sun after a rain would be alien to them. :cry:


Well, remember that, in Buddhism, formless realms are considered pretty high forms of heaven! You don’t have a body or those sensations while there!

People are often confused why a human rebirth is considered best, in spite of there being tons of heaven realms. It goes to show that even heaven realms are clearly suffering.


"And if there’s anything of which it may be rightly said that it is utterly likable, desirable, and agreeable, it is of heaven that this should be said. So much so that it’s not easy to give a simile for how pleasurable heaven is.”

~ MN129


“There are overstated conclusions in some published papers concerning organoids, and overblown hype in the reporting about organoids,” Kriegstein said. “Organoids are already proving to be important models of human disease, but they are still extremely rudimentary compared to even fragments of the actual human brain. They are not ‘brains in a dish.’”