Search for Sanskrit inflections?

I’m wondering if there is a website or app that lets you look up the declension or conjugation of a Sanskrit word? We can do that now in the Digital Pali Dictionary on GoldenDict, and it would be even more useful for Sanskrit.

I normally use the Sanskrit Heritage Dictionary (see at the bottom of the page)

Hmm that page isn’t loading for me…

Google pointed me towards Morphological Analyzer but I also haven’t gotten that to work…

The best I’ve found is this mdict file:按词典语种来分类/梵语/[其他语种]%20古典语言词典之一:Monier-Williams%20梵英词典重排版/[其他语种]Monier-Williams%20Dictionary%20with%20Inflected%20forms.mdx

Note it’s using an odd format (SLP1?)… e.g. to find “dharmeṇa” or “dharmeṣu” you have to search for “dharmeNa” / “dharmeSu” (ñ=y, ā=A, etc)

Looks like that website was down but try again. There is also inflected form lookup which can be used mainly for verbs.

In this second site, you can’t however use IAST to search, you have to search with Harvard-Kyoto, SLP1 or ITRANS.

I have been thinking of creating a Digital Sanskrit Dictionary (as I am impressed with the user friendliness of the DPD) but not knowing any coding in python I havent had an opportunity to start in that direction.

Thanks for everyone’s help!

I can’t get that to work properly. Whenever I enter a word it changes it to Velthuis? So I can’t really search for anything in ISO or IAST.

But leaving that aside, it does work, but if I understand it correctly the inflected forms are found here:

And if I don’t know the details (eg. gender) of the word to look up, then I can check first here:

Okay good.

The Cologne site works well, although now I have to find a utility to convert ISO/IAST to a supported transliteration. It’s 2023, Unicode is everywhere!

And … how do I use mdict?

That would be great. The DPD is such a game changer.

Here’s the software for using .mdx files:

I use Aksharamukha, authored by our member @virtualvinodh . It can convert between about twenty different romanised Indic schemes (most of which I’ve never heard of), along with dozens of Asian ones. You can either paste in the text to be converted or upload a text file.


Not for Ubuntu sadly. But just for giggles I tried dropping the file in the GoldenDict folder et voila It works!

Right, indeed. We actually use it on SC for converting Pali between scripts. How could I forget!

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