Search functionality improvements

I think this request has been placed before;
But still, here’s my wish list:

Search improvement suggestions for Suttacentral:

  • Result display order: when searching Pali phrases, more often than not, it is later texts/khuddaka texts which appear first. Could we have priority to the first four nikayas?
  • Search filters: Alternatively, ability to filter search by books/nikayas would be great too; I might exclude apadana texts, for example.

I am sure Sutta central has a huge list of to do lists, please add these to that :slight_smile:
Also, thanks to everyone who has worked on Suttacentral!



Yes, you’re right these should be defaults, and improved search is a major priority.


I just happened to search for an10.25 which I think is something rather precise. I would expect exactly one result for this search—and was a bit surprised to get 5681…

I feel quite fortunate that the expected result is the first one in the list; otherwise it would be even more overwhelming!

Experiences like this are the reason why I mostly resort to Voice search instead of SC search; although I know that Voice search is incomplete, of course, as it searches only segmented texts.