Search is broken?

Or enlightened. Difficult to say which.

0 results for suffering


Tried a similar search last night and got nothing as well… I can’t wait to have SuttaCentral indexed / mapped by Google!


… awesome humor. tyvm

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Search is unbroken now.


1547 results for suffering :scream: :white_check_mark: :pray:


Is it broken again?
It has been a few days since I cannot even get a result for “dhamma” there!
Maybe @blake, @sujato can advise?

Yeah, it seems so, there must be some technical problem causing the search server to crash so regularly.


… Google Search is still suffering though…


I use Google search at such times, restricting the results to suttacentral only, by typing into the search bar, followed by the search terms.


This is something that puzzles me greatly.

Why did Ven. @sujato and @blake design SuttaCentral in a way so hard for search engines to index it???

I know Google and other big tech companies are bad, they make money from big data, they live on advertisements for things people don’t really need, etc…

But if we want to crack an opening in the wall for those ready to escape the trap of Māra we need to make it easy for people to come in touch with the wealth of resources SC offers everyone so freely!!

Hence my open note to all the tech experts behind SuttaCentral: you can do better, and time is now! :man_mechanic:



I’m not sure what the problem is? Google site search for “suffering” returns the following:

It seems fine, what are you expecting?

But this has nothing to do with the issue here, which is to do with SC’s own search.


Hmmm. When I search “ body” I get a lot of results from D&D and not from SC.

Why does Google index D&D forum together with the main site?

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I get the following:

Which again seems fine. The only issue is that Google seems surprisingly poor at recognizing that the different results on the forum are actually the same thread.

Because the forum is a subdomain? Again, I’m not sure why they wouldn’t do this, and TBH, it seems to me very useful. Searching for a super-common word like “body” is next to useless using normal text search. Showing discussions in the forum may well throw up something that’s going to be more useful for someone researching this topic.

But if you don’t want forum results, just use DuckDuckGo, which gives the following for the same search:


Cool, I will stuck with DuckDuckGo from now on, thanks!

I now understand the subdomain thing and disagree with it being indexed as part of SuttaCentral.

The discussions in this forum are not necessarily the most useful and one would have to spend a lot of time sifting through endless conversations to “separate the wheat from chaff”.

To me, best would be to have D&D totally disconnected in domain from SC, people should be first pointed to the source materials of suttas and parallels.

But that is just an opinion, and hence, chaff! :sweat_smile:



Oh my. It appears our Elasticsearch got hacked by the “meow” bot. New Meow bot attacks open ElasticSearch instances - Security - Cloud - iTnews that’s more exciting than the usual reasons for search going down.


You can use

body -site:*

to exclude subdomains from search.

This works in Google, but not in DuckDuckGo (and other search engines?): but you can exclude multiple subdomains with multiple instead (e.g. discourse, legacy) to filter results from main domain only


Cool, will use this trick. Thanks :anjal:


Thanks @blake , it works now.

Do you think someone targeted the site or this is most likely random?


Oh, cool, we got hacked! Well, at least it’s a cute hack.



That was exactly my thoughts :joy_cat:

So this meow bot takes advantage of unsecured elasticsearch instances, that basically talk to the internet or at least the local network (i.e. the VPS network), yesterday I tried tightening up the firewall by blocking all ports Elasticsearch uses to communicate (AFAIK), restored the search database, and within a couple of hours it got overwritten by meows again. I don’t understand why the firewall is not blocking communication.

So I then decided to approach this by securing Docker, we are using a really old docker image (Elasticsearch 5.5) and the default security of both the Dockerfile and the Elasticsearch within it is horrendous. After changing the Docker configuration to trap Elasticsearch within the Docker subsystem with no ability to communicate with the wider network, Meow Bot failed to overwrite the data with Meows (after leaving it overnight), suggesting it is now secure.

I also tried upgrading Elasticsearch from 5.5 to 7.8 (which has much better security), but there are breaking changes which will make it a substantial job.


So, do these bots replace everything with “meows” ?? :scream: