Search Queries and Boolean Operators

Hello all!!! My apologies if this has been asked before; I did some searches and couldn’t find what I was looking for but it’s possible I missed it.

I’m trying to find the number of times particular terms/words are used in the canon in the same sutta and I’m running into some difficulties. When I search ‘jhāna’ I get 4239 results, when I search ‘vipassanā’ I get 499 results, but when I search the following I get the following reuslts:
‘jhāna AND vipassanā’ - 16 results
‘jhāna NOT vipassanā’ - 0 results
‘vipassanā NOT jhāna’ - 0 results

My mind might be a bit cloudy but I believe those three searches should sum to the same as the sum of the results of ‘jhāna’ and ‘vipassanā’ individually. I might be missing something but I’d appreciate help either refining my search or pointing out my error. Thanks for the help! :pray:

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Regarding the topic of your question, please note that the Search feature is still work in progress. See, for example, this thread.

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Yeah, search has been a bit buggy for me as well. Sometimes refreshing the page loads the correct results. Did you try refreshing a couple times?

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See here: samatho and vipassana

I could be recollecting this inaccurately as far as how it appears in the suttas, but it is unlikely you’ll find jhāna with vipassanā, since the developments, when compared, are done so in terms of vipassanā and samatha (insight and serenity), and jhāna is a more particular way that samatha is deacribed, i.e. samādhi (concentration/composure), with jhāna being degrees of that. Hope this helps.

Edit: no measure of samādhi is without some knowledge, which is why serenity and insight are described as being yoked (together). So, you could also explore mindfulness and its relation to samādhi to get a better idea situations where one is more prominent than the other. See: SN 54.8, MN 119

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Ohh thank you for the pointers and the help! I’ll do those searches as well, though the primary trouble I’m running into is think the three searches (‘jhāna AND vipassanā’ and ‘jhāna NOT vipassanā’ and ‘vipassanā NOT jhāna’) should result in the same number of total results as each term individually and so I’m having trouble doing the searching I’m trying to. But your point is a good one and if I can get the search to work I’ll avail myself of those searches :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help, I just tried that and unfortunately the issue seems to persist. :man_bowing: :man_bowing: :man_bowing:

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Hey @stillinsamsara I’ve fixed the bug where the result was 0, will update to server after testing.

However, due to the merging of search results, the total number of results may not always reflect the actual number of search results in the database, but rather the combined number. :smile:

if partial matching is not enabled, no merging of the result sets is done, and the resulting number is exact.

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Hey @stillinsamsara Related fixes have been pushed to Production.

‘jhāna NOT vipassanā’ - 3945 results
‘vipassanā NOT jhāna’ - 470 results