Search Results - Bug problem? “Samādahati"

When I search for “Samādahati” with the search function I only get a handful of results, and only 1 result from a sutta. Am I searching wrong or is this a bug? Thanks.

Here is my result for the search of Samādahati:

When I do a search for Samādahati in the DPR:

I get the same one result from the suttas (MN122) plus one result from SN

It appears that the SuttaCentral search does not search varient readings, because it is there on SC:

(Bhante @Sujato, is that an intentional decision to not search variants?)

So it looks like there aren’t any other results for the complete word “Samādahati”. @Ceisiwr, what else were you expecting to find that you didn’t find in your search?

Now, with Pali I always try to search for a partial of the term, hopefully to knock off any declension. When I do a search on SC for the partial term “Samādaha” I get this:

Which is wrong for a few reasons. I’m being told there are 7 instead of 6 results and I’m actually getting less. There should always be at least the same if not more actual results for partials.

The other big reason it’s wrong is because when I search for the same on the DPR I get way more results:

@HongDa, any idea about this?


I’m not indexing the variants, I’m going to index the variants.
Then correct the problem that the number of search results does not match the actual number.

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I just searched in my offline bilara-data repo and was able to find lots of matches for the partial term “samādaha” in the root/pli directory. Not sure if it is an exact match to the DPR search above, but it looks close.

They aren’t variants, so it’s odd that the search isn’t finding them.

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If partial matching is enabled, 64 results can be found.

If you search for samādaha on bilara_data in vscode and enable whole-word matching, there will be no results. If you do not enable whole-word matching, there will be search results.

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Ah, I was searching Samādaha with a capital s.

Shouldn’t the searches be case insensitive?

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There is also a quirk where searching for partial matches of samādahati says it returns 30 results:

However it’s just the same 6 results when not searching for partial. So it seems like the Match partial counts every occurrence, while without that it counts texts?


It was not case-sensitive at first, but later for some reasons, it was modified. However, the logic can be improved. It is still case-insensitive to search, but when highlighted, it is based on the content entered by the user.

Let me check that :pray:

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I have made some modifications and now the same results are returned regardless of whether I search for Samādahati or samādahati.ādahatiādahati

Sorry I never replied to this. I was expecting more results based on this

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Ah, I see. Yes, I think there must be a variation in spelling. The DPD is based on Chaṭṭha Sangāyana, while SC is using Mahāsaṅgīti Tipiṭaka Buddhavasse. I have run into this situation too.

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