Searching for a sutta

If I remember correctly, there is a sutta in which Sariputta asks a questions of the Buddha possibly regarding stream entry, but the Buddha waits until other people are gone before answering his question, out of concern that the other listeners would become lazy if they knew the answer. It is possible that these others were stream enterers, and the Buddha did not want them to become complacent.

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Assaji is one of the five companions of the Buddha:

“The Vinaya and other narrative works record that Sāriputta, upon meeting the newly awakened Assaji for the first time, is at once inspired by his peaceful demeanour. Sāriputta
follows and waits upon Assaji who is on his almsround, and at the first opportune moment asks him about the Dharma.”—Piya Tan

In what way does this fulfill the sutta request?

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