Searching for Bahuvedaniya Sutta (MN59)

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Test test test


Haha. :slight_smile: Thanks. Didn’t work, though. Is the sight programed to jump to the reply-post or do we find it ourselves?

I know other sites do but I think it could be my mobile devices since it has issues.


I’m using Chrome on Chromebook and was taken directly to your reply. This software is Discourse, a third party product. I’m cc’ing @blake for more information. If the problem resolves on Chrome for you, then that would be the remedy. If the problem does not resolve on Chrome for you, then it may be a Discourse bug for which there may or may not be a fix.


I came up against this when I started reading Sutta Central. Then I found I just had to test the names of the translators and look at their work to find out which language they work in. You’ll find that there are often more than one English translation.

Have fun exploring Sutta Central.


Thanks. Yeah. I was bouncing back and forth between Accesstoinsight and SuttaCentral. With the Sunday discussions, of course, I go with suttacentral. It depends. The concept is similar but I can tell the translations are different.

Off I go to explore mores!