Searching References - Dhamma Discussion Directly Resulting in Enlightenment

I would like to politely ask for help in finding reference for all suttas where monks were casually talking about the Buddha’s Teachings (Dhamma) and as they were talking (or right after that) attained Enlightenment.

I think in many cases monks would listen to ven. Sariputta and become Enlightened at the end of the explanations. But in this case I am searching the kind of discussions where (most preferably both monks are not Enlightened at all) the attending parties both share their knowledge and experience of Dhamma.

Doesn’t need to be original suttas, Commentaries will do as well (e.g., if the Commentary comments that at the end of the discussion they got Enlightened).


PS.: I think in terms of use for SuttaCentral there is written that no Enlightenment will happen as a result of reading/using SuttaCentral. I do not intend to dispute this by my question… :blush:


How about Khemaka, who became awakened while explaining why he was not yet awakened? SuttaCentral


Thank you so much. :heart:

Not sure if you’re looking for cases with teaching directly from the Budda, but here’s the story of Bahiya