Searching Sutta: "If you can't stay in the forest, move to a village monastery"

Again I’m on a sutta hunt - this particular one states (as far as I recall) that bhikkhus should stay in forests or wilderness or away from villages, but if they can’t (danger? discomfort?) that they should move to a village monastery.

Something like that. Does anyone by chance know which one it is? Sorry, I can’t narrow it down, I guess it’s somewhere in SN, AN, or MN.


How about MN 17? Or if you prefer to listen instead of reading.



There’s no way this turtle can match Anagarika’s swift fingers! :turtle:


It’s due to the incredible search features this turtle has implemented in Voice that I manage to find suttas which I would never find before! :turtle: :pig_nose:


Thank you! This might be it. Probably I missed it because I searched for āraññika and the ‘forest’ term here is vanapattha. I somehow had in mind that it was more directly transitioning from forest to village - but maybe it’s just my conclusion I remember. Thanks for helping out with your amazing and much more accurate finding/memory skills!

Btw can you point me to how in this case you searched in order to get to the result?


I used SC-Voice to search. First I tried “wilderness”, but there are just so many suttas…

Then I remembered that according to the circumstances found in a place where one is staying there were different recommendations how to proceed, one of them being to leave without any delay. And I tried “leave that very day”. This brought 16 results, many of them were DN suttas, and I was pretty sure it’s not in the DN. Scanning the titles, I saw “Jungle thickets” and decided that might be it—and when having a look I found that at least it’s the one I had in mind… and obviously that’s what you had in mind too.