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Hello all,
I am new to this forum so my apologies if this is not the correct category for this inquiry. How can I search for suttas such that I could get the original Pali and the English translation simultaenously? I am interested in understanding how certain words may have been translated. I am pretty sure this has already been answered so I’d appreciate if someone would direct me to the answer.
Many thanks.

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Click on the eye icon that says “views” then “view root text with translation” has two options - side by side and line by line.


MinatourWarrior’s answer will let you view text and translation simultaneously.

But as far as search goes, our search engine doesn’t know the difference between “segmented” and ordinary texts (it was configured before we introduced these things). So essentially if you search for Pali it will take you to Pali, if you search for English it will take you to English. You can see the Pali + English in the text, but not in the search.

We have a new approach in mind that will fix this, stay tuned for later in the year ( I hope!)


MintourWarrior, thank you for your response. Unfortunately, my screen doesn’t appear at all like what you have shown in the snapshot. I have tried to paste what my interface looks like…don’t know if it will work…thanks.


Bhante, this site is simply incredible. Thank you for all the work you have done and continue to put into it.


If you click on the translation by “Bhikkhu Sujato” in your screenshot, you will get to a segmented translation that has the options pointed out above. You just have to click on the “views” icon in the top right corner to see them.

Screenshot from 2021-07-25 07-15-52

(I am using the dark theme, so you might see it in different colors.)


You are looking at the search results page. To see the Pali and English text, you need to click on the result that says “English & Pali”.

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Got it, Sabbamitta. Thank you.

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