Seeking residency opportunity

after talking to people online about the goenka retreat center (and researching retreats in general) i’ve decided a residency at a monastery would be better for my practice. i’ve emailed bhavana society and buddhist insights but they’re on winter retreat currently. they look like my best bet at what i’m looking for: an opportunity to dwell in peace and quiet for several days. i was wondering if there were other places that might be good. i’m not rich but i am even considering going out of the country.


In an Asian monastery they leave you alone and don’t speak the language.


Hello @Sovatthika , please PM me, if you are interested in coming up here to Canada (north of Calgary, Alberta). The meditation centre where I’m at is in need of a Steward.


I’ve been researching this topic as well. I’ve started preparing a compilation of meditation centers that I’m happy to share as a Google Doc. It is available here:

Please feel free to add any comments to the document and I’ll try to incorporate them if you wish. I’m sure there are more comprehensive listings and at the beginning of the document, I’ve included the link to the buddhanet search engine of meditation centers that was previously provided on Discuss&Discover.


it will be several weeks before i can get a passport, but i will bear this in mind

i am in the midst of scheduling a self-led retreat with the lion wisdom center (listed in your document)
tho i’m not sure if the whole flight cancellation thing will continue to be a thing around the end of january

local thai wat said i could stay there, but idk