Seen today: Lovely Dhammapada Verses and Posters: Anandajoti Bhikkhu

Anandajoti Bhikkhu

6 hrs ·

" I have prepared all the Dhammapada verses as posters, they can be seen starting here " :


Thank you. Bhante’s work is incredible.


Some are just gorgeous & uplifting - like this one…
Poster of Dh 1-2 & Buddha image
Edit to add: And this:
Poster Dh 6


A couple more of Bhante Anandajoti’s Dhammapada “posters” that stand out for me:



It is inspiring how many people work in different ways to spread the Dhamma. :pray:


Darn, I was hoping the photos would be themed to the verses.

Kinda like this:







Alright, I’m done.



Matching photos to visual imagery is wonderful, but there are a limited number of verses/teachings you can do this with. Certainly not the entire Dhamapada, which I think was the Venerable’s goal. You might enjoy the sutta quote image pairing found on this facebook page: