Shattering the Mass of Darkness, Rainbodhi's Therigatha Festival event

Rainbodhi Reads the Poems of the Enlightened Nuns for the 2021 Therigatha Festival

Join Rainbodhi for poetry and wisdom as we celebrate the earliest collection of women’s literature, the Therigatha. Composed by enlightened nuns over 2500 years ago during the time of the Buddha, these verses still resonate today with the potency of these ancient women’s profound spirituality. Discover inspiring stories, harsh realities and the raw beauty of these important Buddhist texts.


The session begins with a guided contemplation inspired by a Therigatha poem, followed by readings by Rainbodhi community members, discussion and much more!

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The Therigatha Festival is a two week international celebration of the poems of the Theris, the enlightened nuns. Discover more about the Therigatha Festival on the website.