Should suttacentral includes tibetan, Pali and Chinese commentaries and sub commentaries in the future?

I want to know not just ebts but how the northern and southern Buddhism develop their line of thinking over time
and how different and similar they are, I want to know how medieval monks practice meditation and how different and similar their practices are compared to others at that time, since all this information are contained in commentary and sub commentary I call the commentary and sub commentary as past snapshot which would enable us to look at the past

I believe it’s possible that we could see suttacentral to include the commentaries and sub commentaries from tibetan,Pali and Chinese sources at least 50 years and 100 years in the future but I am afraid I no longer live at that time

just my 2 cents
metta to you and your mother :heart:

let’s add poll, so what do you think to my suggestion ?

  • yes I think it’s a good idea
  • I think suttacentral should focus more on ebts

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I would love if Sutta Central would include all translation of all types of Buddhist canons and their commentaries as well as important classical Buddhist texts, and the discussion on EBT be compartmentalised so that those who are interested in EBT can discuss about it within that space.


I am interested in clear parallels and intriguing differences between such texts, particularly when it comes to practice. I think I’m motivated primarily by unity between different groups within Buddhism.

Whether or not this is a reasonable request is not for me to decide, and it might better be taken up by another group: what you ask for might be quite a difficult task.

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