Should we create a new git branch for SC Next?


I’ve had a look at @Vimala’s mockups, and I’m now curious as to what @blake is up to. When I was last contributing to the project (about 4 years ago now) a big chunk of my work was creating the Jinja templates and working with the In Memory Model (IMM). I’m quite happy to look into this aspect of the project for SC Next.

So, should we create a new branch to include the new UI changes and the back end including our new REST API?

Hi Bhante @Jhanarato,

The front-end is indeed something I’m working on with Bhante @Sujato to make the design. The backend will create a lot of json files that can be imported into the Polymer site so that will make Jinja templates redundant. I’m making mockup json files as I go along as a model for the backend. At the moment I’m also working to create a new version of the suttaplex because the json files I you see on github now double up too much info. I don’t have much time at the moment but will go on a coding/meditation retreat from 1st May for 2 weeks doing nothing else.

How’s your javascript?

After writing the previous post, I figured that that might be the case. Just load the page and let it get the data it needs.

I’ve not spent a lot of time working with it, but I’m always happy to learn a new language. In addition, I’ve worked on XML web services as a programmer in lay life, so serving up JSON over HTTP is not a huge leap for me.

Sounds like a good way to get things done. :slight_smile: