Silly question? How can I go back to SC from D&D?

Silly question? How can I go back to SC from D&D when I directly login ?

Hi! Just click on ":wheel_of_dharma: SuttaCentral”.


Not a silly question to me. I resolve it for myself by keeping an extra tab open:

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I am using Chrome on a laptop, and when I am in D&D, I don’t see any icon that would take me back to SC. Like the answer above, I keep a SC tab open. I usually start in SC, and open D&D from there, which automatically opens a new tab.

I use Safari (iOS, macOS) and sometimes Firefox (macOS). To make the ”SuttaCentral”-button visible, you have to scroll the page to the very top.

But, this only works when logged in, otherwise, this button or link will not appear.

The difference is that @tkk is using the Legacy theme, and @greenTara the Material Design theme. In the new theme there is no SuttaCentral button any more on the top of the page.


Thank you, @sabbamitta. The Material Design Theme is the default (for guests, not logged in), I guess? That’s why I saw the button only after logging in because the theme then has switched.



I had actually wondered about that question myself in passing. Must check out the “themes” for the site (knew there was actually such things but had never investigated them! :slight_smile: ).

I don’t know what browser you use, but just to note, it might be best do do any checking in Chrome as the Material theme’s appearance in other browsers (certainly Firefox) can be a bit… ‘not entirely perfect’.

Almost always firefox (though use opera a little too but not really for here). Haven’t encountered any real issues with firefox on discourse. On the main suttacentral site, the sutta font looked a bit grainy on firefox on one computer I use but not on firefox on others for some reason (and I think they all had fairly up-to-date versions). No significant issues with it though.

Yeah, I don’t think there’s anything catastrophically problematic, just little details.





on fire tablet - silk - material design theme dark. I also use manual workaround of saved bookmark on device to get to