Slides and files for w/shop 2

Here is the slideshow used for w/shop 2.

kr2_bswa.pdf (4.7 MB)

What usually happens is that I do the w/shop at the Buddhist Library first, by myself, and put together a set of slides for that. Then I come to Perth, give the slides to Ven Brahmali, and he makes various suggestions for changes and additions. In this case he mainly added a few slides at the end, dealing with the Jains, other sects, and a summary of the Buddha’s innovations.

In this case because I messed up the organizing of my files I have now lost the last few slides as added by him, for which I apologize to he and everyone! If I find the extra slides I’ll upload them.

Meanwhile, here are the Upanishadic passages I used.

up.pdf (944.5 KB)


Oh that is so good Bhante. Thank you and Much Merit to you both.

Venerable Sujato,

This week-end is the Third Workshop. Can we have the handouts ahead of the workshop please?

With Metta to All

No slides this weekend, we will just use the readings. There’s a lot of them, so time to get started!

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