Slides for Buddhist Library workshop 1

Here’s the slideshow I’ve prepared for the first Workshop at the Buddhist Library. I’ll upload this for anyone who is interested. Usually what happens is that when I do this session again with Ajahn Brahmali, he’ll go over it and make some changes, which make it better. But anyway here is the first version.

K&R1_bl.pdf (751.2 KB)


Hello Bhante, do you happen to have the audio recording of the presentation?

The first talk is going to be today :slight_smile:

Thanks Bhante for an enlightening teaching - you definitely have busted some myths that i have collected along the way. looking forward to the next session in Feb.

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Audio and video was done, it’ll be uploaded here when it is ready. e’re hoping to live stream from Perth, but still not sure we can get the technical stuff ready. Anyway, it shouldn’t be too long.


Dear Bhante,
Hope you are well. I missed the workshop 2. But I can catch up on the videos posted on Dhammanet. Are the presentation slide for workshop 2 available as well? Really appreciate if you could post it here for download. Thank you.

I’m just revising them with Ajahn Brahmali for the WA w/shop, I’ll post them when they’re ready.


Thanks very much, Bhante. Look forward to it :slight_smile:

Dear Bhante,
Just found your teaching on this workshop on Youtube today, which led me to your slideshow. Thank you for your teachings. I have been following your talks on Youtube for some time now. Enjoyed them a lot and learnt a lot during this process. Looking forward to continue my learning journey with you all.
With Metta,