Slides for workshop 4


are there any slides for the 4th workshop available? I follow the course online and the slides would be quite helpful to follow the 4th workshop. Additionally it would be great to have links to the videos which where showed in the course because you can´t see them in the live recording.

With Metta from Germany


Sorry about that, I forgot that they weren’t up. Here they are.

kr4_bswa.pdf (848 KB)

Just to note, for w/shop 5, which I just completed here in Sydney, I didn’t use a slideshow, instead just using the texts on SuttaCentral.


Thanks. Very nice picture of Prof Stevenson on the University of Virginia Lawn…

I look forward to the recordings (or are they already available somewhere?).

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I haven’t heard. Damith has been travelling so the Sydney talks are delayed; not sure what’s happening in Perth, but we will hear when they’re ready.

Great! Thank you very much Bhante!