Slowness over past couple of days?


I’m finding the Forum very slow to load pages over the past couple of days. Is anyone else noticing a problem, or is it just a New Zealand thing?


Whatever it is reached me in NSW about 18 hours ago. An antipodean thing?


I kept getting Error 504, a gateway time out error.


It seems fine for me now, is it okay for you or does the problem persist?


Got this too last night here in Ireland (so not just NZ) about 12 hours ago (timeouts or otherwise very slow to connect). Everything seems normal now though.


Okay, well it looks like it may have been a glitch, please let us know if it persists.


Error 504, a gateway time out error here in Northern California as well.


Was horribly slow. Seems somewhat slow now in Northern California. Minneapolis is the slowest. Shanghai is unavailable. Tested using Website Speed Test | Check Web Performance » Dotcom-Tools

Perhaps someone spilled molasses on the internet.


It’s fairly slow again this evening (am not actually getting timeouts but it’s fairly sluggish to load pages).


In Melbourne Australia too


It’s better this morning (NZ time) than it was when I posted yesterday, but not great.


Perhaps it’s (finally) time to update to the latest Discourse version?


I mean, in the scheme of things, 4 or 5 seconds is not too bad. The odd thing, though, is that the speed is so slow in SF, where the servers are. With Cloudflare it shouldn’t matter too much, but still.

Being unusable in China is unfortunately almost inescapable due to the nature of the Chinese internet.

I’m staying in a château in Belgium, which is extremely delightful, and also extremely slow internet, so I am barely able to get online at all.


I didn’t actually have any particular problems with SC in China in November/December. It was certainly usable.


Congrats! But it is really random, using tests it is not at all infrequent to get response times of 30s.


Indeed. Light can only circle the Earth 7.5 times in one second. :zap: :turtle: shows very similar times and is also hosted in Northern California. I’d say the problem is resolved unless one is in Shanghai or Madrid, both of which were unusually slow at > 6s for first visit. For the best response, one might move to Denver for Voice or Miami for D&D.


Do you have times for the Eastern Hemisphere. I’d rather not travel so far just to avoid time-outs. :rofl:


When the world becomes Buddhist, data centers near your future lives will be quite fast. :wink: