Small Error in Ud 1.7 Parallels


The Discourse about Pāvā

Ajakalāpaka Sutta Ud 1.7

The parallel from the Udānavarga of Subashi, edited by Nakatani, has “yadā svakevu dharmeṣu” on your site, but “yadā svakeu dharmmeṣu” in Nakatani’s scanned PDF. I believe your variant is due to an OCR error, so I thought I’d point it out in case you want to correct it.

Thank you


Thanks so much @marianbusoi!

@Aminah - just tagging you in here. Indeed, the Udanavarga de Subashi was one of my pet projects and it turned out very difficult to get the OCR right and check the whole thing, most of which Aminah did!

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No problem, if I find anything else during my Udāna studies, I’ll append to this thread.


Hi, thanks for this. Is this the correct reference? From the below as far as I can tell “dharmmeṣu” is correct.

yadā svakevu dharmmeṣu
pārago bhavati brāhmaṇaḥ |
atha . . . . . .
bakkulaṃ cātivarttate

I’ve pushed the correction of “svakeṣu” here:

Cool! Thanks. For such purposes it would be very helpful to include a ref to the actual text that needs correcting.


@Aminah Yes, that was the correct reference. Sorry, I will include the URL next time for sure!