Small Groups Discussing for Discussing Personal Practice

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I and some others have experimented with a small practice PM group. The results have been successful! :grinning:

"Practice" sub-forum?

Yes please! :grin:


I would very much encourage joining the group! :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s jolly good! :yum:


Please include me. :slight_smile:


Yes please


Yes, thank you.


should we invite people as well?!


Sure, go ahead :grinning:


Okay, everyone’s positivity in this matter has me intrigued. Could I also be included, and maybe just lurk around without necessarily contributing? I mean, I probably would contribute, but it depends on the discussion’s relevance to my own practice.


i want to join as well, maybe a discord or skype group is a good idea for this.


We’ll use the D&D PM feature as not everyone is comfortable with using another platform.


Lurker is my default state! :sweat_smile:


…can I answer only in emojis if I feel like it.


:+1: :wink: :+1:





Yes, please.


Yes, please.


Another possibility down the road might be a small online group that systematically studies and discusses suttas. My wife and I have participated in an online class called Entering the Path with Barre Center for Buddhist Studies and found it helpful. It seems like some people have more success studying the Dhamma when they have structure and a community to discuss.

However, that would require some sort of curriculum. It would be awesome if one of the monastics can lead something like this one day, if they don’t already. One of the key ingredients seems to be small groups that meet at a regularly scheduled time via video conference in a structured format to discuss the dhamma.

with metta,


We’d love to have you Brooks :slightly_smiling_face: