Some futile idea for the interface

provided the possibility is there and vocal objections from the community are not, what would be the admins team opinion about customization of the ‘heart’ Like button into a ‘Sādhu!’ button?

though trivial this feature would reflect the Buddhist character of the forum


Great idea! What shape should the sadhu button be? Anjali?

i wonder if it might confuse some people: sadhu is also used for Hindu ascetics.


How about “anumodana button”? I think the term is more Buddhistic and it shows an appreciation for a post made by other member (much like thank you button in other forum platfrom) :slight_smile:

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Yes, I think anjali as a symbol for @seniya’s idea of anumodana would be great.:anjal:

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the problem i see with anumodana is that it’s a noun, not an evocative exclamation like sādhu

to be meaningful it would have to be used in the correct grammatical form, for example in the verb imperative form as the name of the button, i.e. ‘give thanks’ and in the past tense form as ‘thanked’ next to the count of the likes, which only renders the feature less user friendly, because not everyone is that much familiar with the Pali grammar, whereas the word sādhu is immediately understandable

as far as confusion with the Hindu term is concerned, i guess its capitalization and combination with exclamation mark should resolve it, besides in the Buddhist context sādhu has pretty much one specific meaning

as for the design, i agree with Anjali, and although i don’t think it makes the button designation obvious enough, can’t think of any other image which could transmit the import better
combination of Anjali with the word itself should clarify it

I just had a quick check, and it seems the heart icon is pulled from Fontawesome, so for practical purposes we are limited to what they offer. Which means, since it’s by and for geeks, we can do Spock-hand, but not anjali.

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alright so that means the possibility isn’t there

praying hands icon was requested and given support to on their GitHub forum back in 2013 but apparently never fulfilled

the suggested workaround will rather turn the feature comic

Interesting, there was a lot of support for it.

so bhante you did care to implement it huh, took me a few glimpses to realize, thank you :+1:

so if we have been able to disconnect from Fontawesome let’s implement a more good looking custom icon and also it would be right to change the Like(ed) verbiage with sādhu

or is it only replaceable with icons already hardcoded in the Discourse? but still the file of this particular icon i think merits replacement on the server as well

It’s as much of a surprise for me as for you!

Dear mysterious anjali-adding-person, who i presume is @blake or @vimala: maybe we can use the Unicode glyph for this? It’s U+1F64F. That way we keep the colors and stuff.



surprise it is, a double one

what if change it with such variant as this image

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That Unicode glyph translates to image
You cannot use the emoij version in this way. You can only use that as a picture too, which gives the same problems.

Right now there are 3 cases for the anjali picture:

  1. No like is given yet: picture has opacity 0.7
  2. Hover: picture becomes opacity 1.0 and gets a background with our own color: #EEE8AA.
  3. Like is given: picture has greater opacity but fades in to opacity 0.7 when hovered. (just after the like is given, you can still undo it and that is when it does this)

I can make this picture/emoij (or any other one) into any color you like at any stage. So just let me know exactly what you want.

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Really? I wonder why, since the default sign is simply a glyph in the fontawesome font.

This is the one you suggested :slight_smile: Kinda cute.

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Okay, wow, this changed as I was writing, so it does work!

While the example that you gave as an image looks fine, the default emojis that Noto uses, which are the ones I see, and presumably a lot of people will see, are weirdly ugly. It looks like a meaningless blob. Or maybe Cthulhu. I don’t know why they went this way, all their emojis have this problem. Still, it looks better than the image, the colors fit well and it changes to pink!

We could overcome the problem by serving our own emoji in a font, but that starts to feel like work.

I prefer the anjali image. But I created that one in gimp from a very small image I received in an email last year and not very good quality. I made it into an emoji then and people seemed to like it.
Maybe we should talk about colors, etc. It changes to pink because the heart used to change to pink and I did not change that.

I think that the emoji for this one looks better too. That one I have a better resolution image of so I can work on that.

You can make any image change to any other color too. Just gimp a second image in a different color and serve that when hovered.

Well maybe leave it for now and see if people like it.

It does look like a Cthulhu!

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Which is not necessarily a bad thing. I mean, if Cthulhu is bowing to you, you must be doing something right!

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Looks pretty creepy. More “muahahaha” than “Sadhu!”.