Some metadata details

Hi team,

Sutta Central is an invaluable resource - I’m comparing Pāli, Chinese, and Sanskrit versions of a single text and SC makes that very easy. Thanks!

Still, there are a couple of minor glitches I’ve noticed in the last week.

The metadata links to GRETIL, but they have changed their url conventions and the link is broken. It should go here. The original publisher was - Berlin: Akademie-Verlag.

SA 296
The metadata says “Originally published in Choong Mun-keat (Wei-keat), The Notion of Emptiness in Early Buddhism, 1995, 1999.” Actually the translation of SA 296 was published in “Choong Mun-keat (2010). Annotated Translation of Sutras from the Chinese Samyuktāgama relevant to the Early Buddhist Teachings on Emptiness and the Middle Way. 2nd rev. Ed. Thailand: International Buddhist College.”

It would be useful to include the full citations in metadata, i.e. to include the publisher. Or perhaps a link to a bibliography which has it. When citing, it is essential.

Note, I’m still using the legacy site. Sorry, I don’t like the new one.



Thanks for this. I will look into it and make the changes.

Please also have a look at number 232, 236,249, 273,287, 293,297,299,300,301 and 335.


Thanks Jayarava. Indeed, our metadata is not always 100%. We’ve talked about integrating our texts with the worldcat system, so hopefully in the future things will improve.