Some metta for Blake, who's been in hospital

Just to let you know, one of our core team members, Blake, was hit with appendicitis last week and had to go to hospital. We had some meetings, and he was like, "I’m not feeling so great …” Well, it turns out to have been pretty serious. He’s had an operation and is in recovery. He’s probably going home this weekend.

I should have mentioned this earlier, so my apologies for overlooking it! Anyway, we can’t do much, but can join in sending some metta his way.


Wishing a speedy recovery.


Dear Blake
Wish you a speedy recovery.
With Metta


Dear Blake, sending all good wishes for healing, and also much grattitude for your work on SC

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:confused: I hope you get better soon, Blake!

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I’m sure it will be resolved soon. All the good kamma from your work on the site will be of much use, I’m sure!

Hope you will get well soon!

With metta

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May you have a speedy recovery, Blake.
This is a great opportunity to practice your meditation as people leave you alone for few days.


Dear Blake,

If you’re already recovering, you’ll probably be fine.

Metta anyway,

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Hey guys, just to let you know, Blake’s out of hospital and in recovery. I just spoke with him, and he’s pretty weak, but in a good mood.


Good to hear. May his recovery go smoothly.

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