Some recent updates

We have some super-exciting news coming down the pipeline, so get ready. I can’t say what it is right now, so you’ll just have to speculate wildly.

Meanwhile some other things!

  • We’ve started keeping a Changelog, so from now on mundane weekly updates will be logged there. It uses calver.
  • One significant fix this week: we have changed the way we markup verses. In the past, you may have seen unsightly gaps in segmented text where the translation abbreviated verses found in the original. Fixing this required a wholesale revision of how we mark up verses, over 100,000 changes.
  • Another cool little update: the sutta cards supply the PTS reference numbers. In the past these were taken from a dedicated file, but these only included the more common texts. Now they are extracted from our Bilara reference files and cover everything. There’s a hidden feature, too. Say you’re on the MN page, and you have a reference to volume 2.56. But the sutta starts at page 55. Previously ctrl+f wouldn’t work, you’d have to search for it visually. Now you can use ctrl+f for any page reference in the collection.
  • We’ve fixed a number of small bugs.

Updates are live on staging, and will be pushed to the main site shortly.


That’s a huge improvement. Thanks! However, is there a way to do such a search on, for example, the whole of the SN (which is divided into 56 parts…)?

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speculate wildly

Sutta audio read by Sujato himself?

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Not yet.

Arrg I wish!


It does exist on

At least for the first Saṁyutta of the SN, and for Suttas 1–20 of the second. For everything else, you will hear the default narrators as a fallback.