Speedup Sutta Discovery


Just an idea. Piya Tan is doing a great job with the SD series but at this rage progress is slow due to all the work that needs to go into it. I am wondering if others can take on work in areas not so far covered in the series and produce complementing work perhaps collaborating with Piya Tan. E.g. Abhidhamma would be great starting point.


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I think if you’ve read the whole series up to SD49 you’re doing very well indeed! It’s something like eight thousand A4 pages long, produced at a rate of four book length publications a year.

I do agree that the annotated translation/commentary format is very useful. I find that purely thematic discussions of Buddhist ideas are sometimes a bit predictable, whereas with sutta commentary you often get challenged by unexpected details.

Much of the interrelationships of the Suttas are highlighted in the commentaries. Also parts which you might not fully understand purely by reading the translation. This is very valuable. Also more than reading all it is about making the teachings more accessible.

Also instead of duplicating effort it makes sense to pool the resources and efforts.

This is something that could be done as a project here on Discourse if people are interested.

Pick a text, and write a commentary on it. The post can be “wiki-fied” so anyone can edit it. If people have different opinions they can discuss them in the comments, and keep the main post for things that are generally agreed.

This would be a idea to try out.