Spelling errors in Sinhala Translations

There are some minor spelling errors in Sinhala Translations.
Eg : wrong letters …
English characters …

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Can you be a bit more specific, with examples on where this appears and what the correct way should be?
Thank you!


Wait … Lunch time… I will do after lunch…

Thank you!. Did you know you can highlight text in SC and then copy the link to it? Like this (click on the link):

@Blake is currently working to incorporate new versions of these translations on SC from http://pitaka.lk/ so maybe that would already correct the errors automatically.

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Spelling errors…

"මටද" should be “මෙයද”

පොට්ඨපා => පොට්ඨපාදය

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This error is in the original translation on http://pitaka.lk/. I will ask the translator about it.

New version from pitaka.lk available now on SC does not show above errors.

Now OKAY !

This I have changed to: මීටද in 2 places. Can you check if that is correct or should it only be in one place?

This has been changed.
Thank you very much @arunalakmal!