Spiritual Bypassing & Buddhism: 2 day online workshop with Bhante Akāliko

Spiritual Bypassing & Buddhism: Two part online workshop with Bhante Akāliko.

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th July
Time 09:00-11:00 CEST (click here to find the time in your timezone)

Organised by Tilorien iSangha and Aularis.

Join Bhante Akāliko for this two-part interactive online workshop exploring common pitfalls and mistakes on the spiritual path and learn how we can avoid them. The term Spiritual Bypassing was coined by Buddhist psychologist John Welwood in the 1980’s and further developed by Rob Masters. It describes what happens when we misunderstand spiritual teachings in a way that becomes harmful and prevents real spiritual growth.

These two sessions explore a variety of Spiritual Bypassing tendencies, including: anger-phobia; hyper-positivity; emotional suppression; exaggerated detachment; idealising the transcendent; false self-view; and deluded spiritual attainments.

We request participants to come for both sessions.

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If you missed the workshop, or would like to view it again, here are the talks:


Anumodana Bhante :pray:
Listened and contemplated around the aspects of suggestions, and of course, there were pieces of shit to find, but as Ajahn Brahm says, or as I think he says, when shit happens, make it a happy shit and put it into growth.

And reminders like this should happen more often among all teachers who cares deeply for their gardening and spiritual plantlife.